Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fan account on "Boys over flowers" Fan Meeting on 5 & 6 September

Credit: hyunjoongchina + sola & 赛伦之歌Fan' Talk + baidu china + (english translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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5 Sept FM happenings

1. When Hyun Joong was preparing to sing, he wanted to drink water. The host gave him a bottled water. He drank one mouthful and placed in front of the stage.

When reached Lee Min Ho's turn to sing, the host asked if he wanted to drink water. Lee Min Ho also said yes, but since the staff took too long to get the water, the host mentioned that the bottle in front of the stage was drank by Kim Hyun Joong previously. Lee Min Ho just took the bottle and started drinking. From this we can see their relationship is very closed.

2. After T-Max finished singing, all the guest were invited on stage to play games....
For quite some times, for no reason all the guest did not come out, the host could only continue to talk to drag time.
My mind start to think wildly, did something happened to Hyun Joong, was he not feeling well again? (Can't be the same like in Malaysia, fainted at back stage right?)

3. In the middle of playing the "Search for Geum JanDi" game (the whole process was quite long), the host suddenly told everybody since Hyun Joong would be performing together with SS501 later, he would need to go back stage for preparation. (Actually I thought there was no need for preparation, he had already wore his costume, there was nothing to prepare, I thought maybe they feared Hyun Joong was too tired, so they were just trying to find way to let him rest!)

4. In the whole event today, in the last section, SS501 sung 4 songs till ending. Could clearly felt that, Hyun Joong enjoyed singing together with his 4 other members. When singing slow rhythm song, his body sway slightly. Hyun Joong's dance was of course fantastic, especially the 'lalala' song, he smiled happily! (yes, this was also what I felt when watching at the fancam)

6 Sept FM

Kim Bum attended the FM! He is also very charming! Can match with Hyun Joong! Since he had to rush back to Korea for film shooting, his personal interview was arranged for the first session. After his personal interview session had completed, he went straight to the airport and did not continue his activities with the rest of the team till end.

I only found out that Hyun Joong was down with high fever after watching the news.

During his personal interview, Hyun Joong did not shown any abnormality. Only after the interview had completed, he did coughed once. Also heard the lady host asked whether he was alright. Of course, Hyun Joong replied that he was alright. After drinking a mouthful of water, he started his performance.

Same as his performance on 5th September, he sung "Thank you" and "Please be good to me". I felt that he was more tired during the 5th. He was shining brightly since he entered the stage, better than on the 5th. It could because of Hyun Joong was using his determination/perseverance to support himself.

Before the mini live started (T-Max and SS501 mini live), F3 and Goo Hyu Soo came out to say something. After completed, before going back stage, I saw Goo Hye Soo patted Hyun Joong's back gently a few times, he was coughing again during that time.

However, when singing together with his team members, Hyun Joong really showed his best in his performance. When singing slow rhythm songs, he even wave to his fans.


Heart pain when hearing these descriptions. He is really pushing himself very hard to fulfull his promise to his fans. I think he coughed because of his sore throat. Aww.... he was still singing when his throat was painful..... Leader..... Thank you for trying so hard. Please continue to take care of your health okay!


Anonymous said...

Thx for translating this. I just feel weird now. Want to know where is hyunsaeng now? Please i hope hyun joong have total rest now.
Ah i feel bad now especially after i watched this fanmade. Totally crying TT

Mini UFO said...

Saengie is back. See my new post with photographs & videos of him returning to Seoul yesterday