Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Translation for Leaders interview during BOF FM 5 Sept

20090905 Boys Over Flowers in Yokohama SS501 Kim HyunJoong 김현중(Part2)
Credit: namikero@youtube + (Chinese translation) 暗香浮動&sola + (Eng translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Please repost with FULL CREDIT.

Thank you 暗香浮動 & sola for allowing me to share this on my blog. I think a lot of you must be curious of what leader say in the FM and received such great responses from the audience.


The host asked him, in BOF, Yoon JiHoo used his 1st pay to buy a pair of shoes for Guem JanDi. In actual life, what did Hyun Joong bought for his first pay?

3:20 - 3:30 Hyun Joong answered he bought himself a guitar.

Then the host asked, if he has a girl friend, what would he buy for her?

3:47-4:00 Hyun Joong said he would want to go to play with his girl friend and then KISS.

At that moment, all the audience started to shout and laugh.

4:07 - 4:12 Hyun Joong laughed at himself and saying that he is low life/ shameless/despicable. (pick your own choice of word. :P I can't find a word suitable to describe 下流, if any of you know, please send me a comment)

After that the host asked, where does he want to bring his girl friend to visit in Japan?

4:26 - 4: 40 Hyun Joong answered Disney Sea, because he has been to Disneyland but not to Disney sea.

5:14 - 5:51 At the end he also mentioned that he wish to hold their concert in Tokyo Dome next year, but all these would need everybody's support. (Note: Because it is a glory to hold a concert in Tokyo Dome, example DBSK who are extremely popular in Japan, had also held their concert in Tokyo Dome.)


Hurmutube said...

hye ^^
thanks 4 de trans ^^

leader is really romantic..
but,he's bein a bit fishy these days..
like he has a gf..
lol dunno ^^

liezle said...

cagali, thanks for the translation. i'll be posting this to my blog.


Mini UFO said...

liezle... ok! no problem!

Kandice said...

is there such things as disney sea?!

Mini UFO said...

yes. there is. It is located at Tokyo. This is the link to Tokyo Disney Sea:


If I am not wrong, there is only one Disney Sea in the world! (Correct me if I am wrong ok!)