Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hyun Joong is still in Japan recuperating

Sorry I think my previous piece of information is not correct, Hyun Joong is still in Japan and he is contacted with H1N1, currently was given Tamiflu and show sign of recovery.

I am outside and could not do much translation. This is what I get from China Baidu. It is an official notice from DSP website. They mentioned that he is recovering.


from: DSP website
translation: luisa@www.doubles501.com
Please do not repost because I didn't translate the full article.

"During 5 & 6 Hyun Joong was already not feeling well. On the 6 Sept he had high fever and sign of headache. Therefore he didn't attend the press conference. After that his condition stabilized, so he attended the events that night to fulfill his promise to his fans.

Originally plan to take flight back to Seoul on 12pm 7 Sept, but he had signs of high fever during the noon, was confirmed to have sign of early development of swine flu (H1N1). Kim Hyun Joong is now recuperating in one of the hospital, the doctor had given him Tamiflu and he shown sign of recovery after taking the medicine. If his condition improved, he would return back to Seoul. "

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Nicky said...

hi cagali! so worried about leader ...praying for his fast recovery

get well soon leader!