Thursday, September 17, 2009

It is called 'Wonder + Full Korea Concert"

Remember I post a news about the new event which SS501 will be participated in next Saturday. Just saw a news in SS601, and confirmed that the correct name for the event is "Wonder + Full Korea Concert".

The concert will be held on next Saturday. I don't think leader will go for this concert. It is just 1 week from now. I don't think he SHOULD attend any event so soon. If he were to participate in this concert, it would mean that he will have to start practicing NOW..... which I don't think any of the TripleS would want to see that! NOOOOOO!!!!! Leader!!!!! Please REST!!!!!! I would rather don't see you for next week than you do not fully recover and have to go through all the guerrilla schedule after you return to work again!

For your information, this is the list of events which SS501 will/might participate in:
26 Sept - Wonder + Full Kora Concert
6 Oct - China Korea Friendship Concert in QingDao, China (if they confirmed going)
10 Oct - Dream Concert Back to the 90's Top 10 Big Concert
17 Oct - Taiwan Persona Concert
23~25 Oct - 3 Days tour with Japan fans
14 Nov - Shanghai Persona Concert
12 Dec - Hongkong Persona Concert (tentatively as the entry on BBH website was removed)

It is like almost 1/2 event/week!! If you read this news, it was mentioned that Leader still has few more CF schedules to fulfill for various products he endorsed to. With this madness schedule, in between all these empty slots I guess it would be used for practicing + his CF filming/shooting and.... and..... and... if the album is really confirmed to be released in this month, what about promotion events for the album!!

Actually it is not only Leader that I am worried about, I think the rest of the boys are also equally tired. While leader is resting now, I guess they are practicing day & night for the concert and Maknea also has extra duties in Music High + filming the 'Super Star' drama + 'Find It! Green Gold" variety show. I hope they are taking care of their health also......

Argh...... I don't think I want to continue in this line of thought anymore..... There is no ending..... and nothing much we can do to help/ease the pain but just continue to give them our support!

Ok, I better give you the detail information of the 'Wonder + Full Korea Concert'.


'Wonder + Full Korea Concert'

Date: 26 September 2009
Time: 18:00 - 21:00
Location: Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Hall
Slogan: "2009 Best Luxury Korean concert!" - "Wonder + Full Korea"
Cast: G-Dragon, SS501, SG Wannabe, T-Max (Kim Joon), Evan, ST. Day, etc.
Special Starring: Jeong Jun-ho (Korea Grand Sale Ambassador 2009)
MC: Yoon Son Ha, Kim BoSeong


Anonymous said...

they might be performing the old songs so maybe, only need rehearsal on site...

vranzeezqa said...

Are hey really perform in Dream Concert?t